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Please provide one or more Oregon Measures that are of most importance to the state of Oregon. Brent Barker for Oregon is conducting a survey to determine what Measure to sponsor. We have provided 10 Oregon Measure Sponsorships to be considered.

Confidentially email your top considerations to:

  1. Repeal Corporate Activity Tax

  2. Enforce Minimum High School Graduation Reading, Writing, and Math Competencies

  3. Enforce Vagrancy Laws and apply fines and penalties to rural and urban camping

  4. Tax abatement to all new corporate activity for first 5 years

  5. Enforcement and Penalties for graffiti and littering

  6. Life skills training competency for high school graduates (banking, budget, rent, resume,           work ethic)

  7.  Add trash removal programs to all public housing offerings

  8.  Pledge of Allegiance in all public schools

  9.  Parental approval of all K-12 curriculum

10. Clean Elections ACT - limits to state donations, and term limits

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