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Brent Barker
2024 Candidate for
Oregon Secretary of State

"Oregon's Organic Voting Measure"

  • Statewide Holiday for all State and Federal Elections

  • Tax credit to employer that provide ½ and full day paid holiday to employees

  • Statewide In-Person Voting

  • Valid Government Issued ID Required

  • Mail-In-ballots for Military and Provisions for Absentee Voters

  • Voter Registration Rolls are all Reset to Zero (requiring new registration), in lieu of costly audits. After which, renew all Voter Registrations       every 8 years.

  • Equal observers of major parties required at all voting stations

  • Hand count tally results with observers

  • Ballots are archived – for automatic recounts of 51%

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Brent Barker for Oregon - PO BOX 608 Beaverton Oregon 97075-0608 - 503-308-0722

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