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Dear Oregon Voter –


I am Brent Barker, and I am running for Oregon Secretary of State.  My late graduate school advisor Dr. Charles Scott would say - “Brent Barker has the highest social value system witnessed throughout my career in higher learning.”  Friends often nickname me “the Congressman” as a person with ideas and more importantly solutions to address the issues facing our state. My long-term goal has always been a level of experience and education commensurate with the mission of government and community service.  My philosophy is to be educated and disciplined in the art of being empathic to the interests of Oregon taxpayers, citizenry and always concerned to the longer-term interests of society.  As an Aloha High School graduate have earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration and a Master of Arts at California State University.  My graduate education continues at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law with an emphasis in Dispute Resolution.  Education is a lifelong pursuit and Pepperdine University is a school that offers the highest principles of professional, ethical, and moral responsibility that mostly align with my value system. 


Licensed Oregon Principal Broker to commercial investments, additionally hold licensing in Washington and Arizona since 2005. Trained academically to be a Nationally Accredited Exercise Physiologist and trainer to work with professional sports teams (NHL, NFL, Track and Minor League Baseball); and their athletes to become a television spokesperson to build a National Fitness Chain.  Negotiated over 450,000 square feet in commercial real estate structures and long-term leases subsequently sold to LA Fitness in 2007. 


As Senior Vice President of Emerging Markets of North America specializing in acquisition, development, and marketing of 400 plus unit apartments to condominium-conversion projects; achieved $500 million in sales production by developing and managing core bank, capital group, broker, and investor relationships; building marketing groups in China, Japan, Europe and across North America.

Named 2009 US-Asia Expo Ambassador for Arizona by Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) International Trade Council. Received the 2015 Commendation Award for Public Service by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.  A Sentinel to The Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. and Certified by the Leadership Institute’s 2018 International School of Campaign Fundraising in Vienna, Austria.  Decade member of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO – formerly YEO) in the Washington, D.C. and Dallas, Texas Chapters; where entrepreneurs seek collaboration to accelerate their business. Former 2022 Candidate for Oregon's Labor Commissioner - Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). Current member of The Multnomah Bar Association, The Oregon Mediation Association, and Southern California Mediation Association.


Have been an Associate Staff Member to the White House, Executive Office of President (EOP), Office of Advance in Washington, D.C.  We arrive a week in advance to prepare for the Executive Office arrival, from airport to venue, staging, fabrication, interaction with Federal agencies and community resources.  It is an honor to work hand in hand with local venders, churches, and community leaders across our country.  Long standing member of JCC’s and elected member of the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC). 

Charitable and volunteer activities include Homes for Hope, UMOM New Day Homeless Centers and fundraising for World Vision.  Wide range of interests include travel, hiking, snowboarding and water sports.  A healthy lifestyle includes many years of Nautica Malibu Triathlon supporting the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.  Enjoy writing, the arts, photography, and Indie film.  Worked in construction projects in the early years to pay for a college education, becoming familiar with the trades and the environmental and safety challenges workers face on the job.


We look to bringing a level of civility and bipartisan spirit to governing. Focused on fair and honest elections, support candidates equally, and protect voting integrity, its process, and sovereignty. We will listen to business and support responsible state growth. Incentivize corporate development, new business, and high paying jobs.   

Our growing endorsements include the US Global Business Forum, Oregon Auto Dealers Association, trade, labor, business owners, apprenticeship, education, and fair tax advocates.  We pride ourselves on protecting the environment, and public interests through thoughtful solutions-based planning.


Brent Theodore Barker looks to the future to serve all people and communities throughout Oregon.  Brent has a track record as a fighter for those with less, middle-class and working families.  Over the next few weeks, you will hear more about our grass-roots-driven campaign. 


Brent has attended countless business conferences, seminars, speaking at educational retreats and traveled much of the world in the quest of lifelong learning.   Personal conduct and professional responsibility to public concerns have been an overriding theme, edifying others with campaign signs, phone calls, social media while raising awareness to local issues.  My background, education, philanthropic activities, TV, and Radio experiences have been preparation to be the Oregon Secretary of State.  


As SECRETARY OF STATE, I will promote, and build fair access to our democracy in the State of Oregon; making reliable tools available to achieve economic success in the capacity of Secretary of State. Our goal is to provide transparency and bring the voters voice back to Oregon Government.  I will represent all parties, candidates, and voters equally with the highest level of transparency.  The Oregon Secretary of State must be the Ambassador of Goodwill representing everyone equally and inclusively.


Will resolve many of Oregon’s problems by fixing the election processes. This will require responsible measures to return systems of voting that can be trusted.




Our Organic Voting Proposal Plan


Representing all parties,

all voters, fair and balanced.    


Please vote in this

upcoming primary –

I will be YOUR voice.

Thank you,


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Brent Barker for Oregon

PO BOX 608

Beaverton, Oregon



Thanks for submitting!


Brent Barker for Oregon - PO BOX 608 Beaverton Oregon 97075-0608 - 503-308-0722

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