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"Given the recent political division in our state and country, we look forward to bringing a level of civility and bipartisan spirit to governing.  With so many workers’ lives at stake, the role here at BOLI is a great place to start with that approach.  Employee safety is a top priority.  We want to provide a real service to every business and every worker in the state of Oregon. We are excited to continue the collaborative training and education initiatives"



Everything starts with EDUCATION. The Labor Commissioner is Chairperson of the State Apprenticeship and Training Council.  Our campaign looks to work with public and private education to enhance training and apprentice training that to provide workers with employable skills to Oregon business and industries.


The Labor Commissioner is the Executive Secretary of the Wage and Hour Commission, enforces state laws related to employment, housing, and public accommodation with respect to discrimination, wages, hours of employment, working conditions, prevailing wage rates, and child labor.  Our campaign will work with business and labor to encourage and promote high paying jobs to Oregon; protect workers’ rights and improve Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) social media public service ratings.  


Brent Barker for Oregon has been listening to business owners.  Business owners have concerns over labor availability with marketable skills, supply chain delays, time to train an effective staff, swift government support and stable tax rates.  Business owners want the Oregon Corporate Activity Tax to be reviewed or eliminated.  Addressing these business concerns will incentivize new business operations to move to Oregon, instinctively bringing higher paying jobs with employee career advancements.  Oregon businesses are balancing inflationary pressures, price hikes and wage increases to remain viable.  Oregon small business owners are asking that the state government and Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) support small business and not invent new fees and taxes that handcuff business and moreover employment growth.


The Labor Commissioner enforces state laws prohibiting discrimination related to vocational, professional, and trade schools, and administers licensing required by many professional services.


The Labor Commissioner oversees the Wage Security Fund, a source of coverage for unpaid wages in some business closure and group health situations

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