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Brent Barker Interview April 18 2024
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"You do well and show you can think on your feet and stay on message"

- Jeff Kropf

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Brent Barker Campaign Video
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Brent Barker for Oregon will promote, and build fair access to our democracy in the State of Oregon; making reliable tools available to achieve economic success in the capacity of Secretary of State; ensuring resources are used responsibly and efficiently, with accountability, integrity, competency, honesty, and transparency to the public.


1.  Ensure Fair, Honest Elections and Support Candidates Equally

2.  Promote Election Reforms that can be Trusted

3.  Encourage, Promote, Economic Success that Bring High         Paying Jobs

4.  Protect Voting Integrity, Processes, with Transparency

5.  Problem Solving, Collaboration with Oregon Legislature         and Business

A New Day is Coming
Oregon Voter Education
Had Enough - Voters Confidence
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Youth Leaders

Had the opportunity to speak at the inaugural meeting of Aspiring Youth Leaders.

The future looks bright.

Amazing and refreshing group of entrepreneurs.

Brent Barker for Oregon - PO BOX 608 Beaverton Oregon 97075-0608 - 503-308-0722

"Paid for by Brent Barker for Oregon, #21995."   

© 2024 by Brent Barker for Oregon

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